We Offer One Package Only 
Minimum of 2 Cameras for multiple views (Use of DV-Mini 3-CCD chip digital high resolution video cameras)

Up to 50 picture photo montage (Toddler to dating)

Use of computer editing adding special effects, fades, credits, etc.

Coverage of Wedding Ceremony & Reception (We gather special greetings from guest)

Includes 3 DVD Authored Masters (Clients are able to view specific points in the video by selecting created chapters)

Professional Rentie Productions Personnel. (We dress in formal attire to honor your day)

Prices are based on a standard wedding day of 4-hours. (from the time printed on your announcement) We arrive one hour prior to starting time.That’s on us. Should it be required that Rentie Productions  services be extended beyond 4-hours, each additional 1/2 hour is $75.00

All for One Fee:

Video Capture of Wedding & Reception/Editing Today. “Request For Quote” to receive an official written response.
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