(Includes all editing, capture of photographs, audio mixing, insertion of titles and electronic special effects, and tape duplication. (It s putting together the final product)

Video recording live events ainít easy. People move when they are not supposed to. Camera persons are bumped by ushers and guest and sometimes the clergy will decide to change things on the fly. All this can have an effect on good camera shooting.

Rentie Productions limits camera movement thanks to digital computer video editing. With the use of multiple cameras and tape sources, we merge all the best pictures to produce a finished product that will be breath taking. We use Digital DV-Mini technology when recording. This format ensures the best quality available for weddings today.

Editing Video requires proper training and years of experience. (Uncle Joe would have no idea where to begin). It will take approximately 15-20 hours to edit your wedding. With our digital computer editor we add opening and closing credits of the wedding party, professional fades, titles, music and special effects where appropriate

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